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The THIS Show Game Of Thrones Special

The THIS Show Game Of Thrones Special

June 8, 2019


Looking for some guys yelling at each other for 2 and a half hours about a television show? Well YOU'RE IN LUCK!!!

In this special episode we jump in head first with NO DIRECTION into the most talked about show in history, Game of Thrones. Focusing mainly on their final season which wrapped up 2 weeks before the recording of this podcast.

I wish I could tell you there is at least some organization but ... The night is full of terrors, and we are full of shit.

But hey! you might get something out of it. Enjoy!

The THIS Show Saint Patrick’s Day Special

The THIS Show Saint Patrick’s Day Special

March 14, 2019

Beannachtaí na Féile Padraig Ort! Blessing Of Patrick's Festival On You!

In this Amazing Episode, the crew celebrates the history and traditions of one of the greatest nationalities in the world, The Irish! In observance of the now Global Holiday - St. Patrick's Day!

Join us in Song, Drink, Meal, Stories, History, The Craic Flows Wild In what is being called the Best Show this ragtag group of boys has ever produced.

Learn the history of:

St. Patrick - 00:08:47

Sea Shanties - 00:25:28

(Song) The Holy Ground - 00:32:06

Guinness and how its made - 00:40:00

(Song) Wild Rover - 01:00:00

Irish Whiskey - 01:03:30

(Song Whiskey In The Jar) - 1:24:00

Irish Jokes - 01:28:03

Getting Too Drunk - 01:26:00

Leprechauns (kinda) - 01:39:40

The Green Chicago River - 01:44:33

(Song) Black Velvet Band - 02:00:39

(Song) The Irish Rover - 02:05:38


There are plenty of moments when we take a step back from the bottles and pints to dive further into these subjects. So stick around to get some further clarification on these Irish topics in our discussions.

From all of us at The This Show, We wish you a Happy and Safe Saint Patrick's Day! Sláinte!

The THIS Show Episode 8

The THIS Show Episode 8

January 20, 2019

OH IT'S, THEY'RE BACK! Nubes, Shua, Pittboss, Stu Green, and King Woosh are back at it with their 8th Full Episode! Their Longest Show To Date! Join the boys in a new Magical Segment "Story Time" revealing some of their favorite memories for the whole world to hear. Then off to another incredibly stupid round of "Problem Solvers", what insane and gross questions do our listeners have on a daily basis? You'll have to listen and find out. Returning once again our ever popular game "Mouth Songs" claiming the realm of 90's Pop Music! And wrapping up the show with another crazy dose of "Roleplay Roundup!" What sort of stories can this cast conjure? The Answer You Seek lay deep in the bowels of this Podcast. So grab a Shovel, some Goggles, and an Air Freshener cause you're going to smell like Poopy Butt by the time you finish this freaking show! Special appearances by The Piss Bot and Little Miss Piggi itself.

The THIS Show Christmas Special 2018

The THIS Show Christmas Special 2018

December 12, 2018

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!! Thank You For Choosing to listen to our first annual Christmas Special Podcast. It's FULL of Great Christmas Cheer! We debate over the greatest Christmas movie of all time in a very nostalgiac and music filled Nerd Rage Segment. Quickly moving on to a popular reoccurring segment of Christmas Mouth Songs! Then we have a special game hosted by a secret guest! And a magical retelling of an old famous Christmas poem (for the love of god make sure no one else is listening ... unless they be freaks). Hope you enjoy this special as much as we had fun making it! And tell ALL YOUR FRIENDS!! Merry Christmas!!!

The THIS Show Elements: Episode 13 - Hallowoosh 2018

The THIS Show Elements: Episode 13 - Hallowoosh 2018

November 30, 2018

The Woosh of the HALLO was back at it again in 2018 touring around the North East searching for Screams and Terrors! Take a listen to this 1 Hour and a half long Episode if you want to hear what he saw and liked. Nubes hosting the show as always and asking some great questions about Haunted Attraction Controversies of 2018. And wrapping up the episode with a small talk about The Paranormal when it's Part Of The Haunted House Game!    

The THIS Show Elements: Episode 12 - Star Wars 2

The THIS Show Elements: Episode 12 - Star Wars 2

August 21, 2018

Hey! Don't Listen To This.

But if for some reason there is someone forcing you to then I guess you have bad luck. Get ready to listen to 3 morons and 1 genius talk about the new star wars crap that's happening ... yippee.

The THIS SHOW Episode 7

The THIS SHOW Episode 7

July 31, 2018

Ladies And Gentlemen, Are you Ready!? For the Crudest, Meanest, Most Perverted and Explicitest Bastards On The Planet!!!? In the Longest Episode yet We argue about the 80's Film Genre. We solve some insane problems from some insane people all over the world. Mouth Songs makes a return with 80's pop Music. And a Brand New Game that will leave you begging for more. There are PLENTY of Suprises in this one so you can't just listen to it once. Now turn up the volume in your car and spread the Profanity all over the streets!

The THIS SHOW Episode 6

The THIS SHOW Episode 6

February 15, 2018

A Drunk Idiot, A Big Baby, A Wrestling Nerd and a Jersey Shore Guy get on Skype and yell at eachother ... That's what you are about to listen to. The damn boys are at it again in the most jam packed episode the THIS Show has to offer. We begin discussing what the best Video Game in History is with a nice Nerd Rage segment. Fan Favorite Problem Solvers Return with some crazy out of this world questions. A New but Not New At All segment called Mouth Song where we attempt to sing like 3 month olds. And we finish it all up with a Dumb dose of Introdouched! If you like the episode please tell all your friends and like our Facebook page!

The THIS Show Elements: Episode 11 - Hallowoosh and The Haunted House Industry 2017

The THIS Show Elements: Episode 11 - Hallowoosh and The Haunted House Industry 2017

January 30, 2018

Interview with Josh "Hallowoosh" on his haunt adventures and reviews from the 2017 Season.

The THIS SHOW Episode 5

The THIS SHOW Episode 5

January 16, 2018

Nubes and the boys are back with the longest episode to date! .... I say that like it's a good thing but you be the judge. Join the cast as they discuss stuff and things like Richard Simmons, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and how sowing your mouth to someone's anus is actually pretty cool!

Introducing a new segment "What's The Problem" where we talk about anything or anyone who has gotten a bad rap for whatever reason. Bringing back a fun segment "Nostalgia Throw Back" 90's television! And wrapping up the episode with a "Current Events" ........ of June 2017 .... yeah

Be sure to stick around to the very end for a super surprise

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