The THIS Show

The THIS Show: Hallowoosh 2019 Part 2, Element #16b

January 7, 2020

Hallowoosh Returns from his crazy 2019 Haunted Attraction Tours in our Post Season discussion. Nubes and Woosh talk about all the great things Woosh saw in the New England Haunt Scene during the Autumn season. This Hour and a half show offers small but informal takes on 16 Haunts visited in the New England and New York area.

1. Barrett's Haunted Mansion, Abington MA 

2. Fright Kingdom, Nashua NH

3. Ravenwood Haunted Farm, Haverhill MA

4. Legends of Fear, Shelton CT

5. Haunts for the Homeless, RI-CT

6. Haunted Labyrinth, Cranston RI

7. Fear Town, Seekonk CT

8. Dark Manor, Baltic CT

9. Slaughterland, Binghamton NY

10. Fright Nights, Syracuse NY

11. McCray's Monster Mash, South Hadley MA

12. DementedFX, Holyoke MA

13. The Lost Museum, Salem MA

14. The Ghoullog, North Conway NH

15. Haunted Overload, Lee NH

16. Haunted Grandview Manor, Lebanon ME

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