The THIS Show

The THIS Show Episode 8

January 20, 2019

OH IT'S, THEY'RE BACK! Nubes, Shua, Pittboss, Stu Green, and King Woosh are back at it with their 8th Full Episode! Their Longest Show To Date! Join the boys in a new Magical Segment "Story Time" revealing some of their favorite memories for the whole world to hear. Then off to another incredibly stupid round of "Problem Solvers", what insane and gross questions do our listeners have on a daily basis? You'll have to listen and find out. Returning once again our ever popular game "Mouth Songs" claiming the realm of 90's Pop Music! And wrapping up the show with another crazy dose of "Roleplay Roundup!" What sort of stories can this cast conjure? The Answer You Seek lay deep in the bowels of this Podcast. So grab a Shovel, some Goggles, and an Air Freshener cause you're going to smell like Poopy Butt by the time you finish this freaking show! Special appearances by The Piss Bot and Little Miss Piggi itself.

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