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The THIS Show: Element 20: Coronavirus

The THIS Show: Element 20: Coronavirus

June 29, 2020

In This Episode Pittboss continues to talk about himself. 

The THIS Show: Element 19: Cast Spotlight - Pittboss

The THIS Show: Element 19: Cast Spotlight - Pittboss

June 17, 2020

In This Episode of the This Show, Pittboss Talks about himself for a long time.

The THIS Show’s Second Saint Patrick’s Day Special

The THIS Show’s Second Saint Patrick’s Day Special

March 13, 2020


In this 3.5 Hour Long Sh!t Fest We Kinda Sorta talk about Some of the Dark And Scary And Troubling Events that made Ireland what it is Today.

Want to know more about Why we Wear Green? The Potato Famine? The Guinness Curse? The Easter Rising? Origins of Dracula? The Ireland Troubles? Well you didn't really come to the right place, but maybe you kinda sort shot in the general direction and landed here.

Want to Know about some of your Favorite Irish Drinks? Like Green Beer, Hot Toddies, Boiler Makers, Black And Tans, Irish Coffees, And the offensively Irish Car Bomb (that should change it's name to Irish Slammer). Well you kinda came to the right place-ish. 

Let Us All Sing Badly Along to Famous Irish Songs Like: Oró Sé do Bheatha 'Bhaile, The Wearing Of The Green, The Fields of Athenry, Kiss Me I'm Sh!tfaced, A Nation Once Again, Isn't It Grand Boys, and Let The People Sing.

Don't take this Episode to seriously ... 

I'd Like to thank other podcasts for their hard work that helped with my research. "We Talk About Dead People" "The Strange and Unusual Podcast" "Extra History" "The Podcast of Doom" "Strange Ireland" "Revolutionary Left" "A Story of Irish Whiskey" and many more. Great Films and Documentaries '71, Hunger, Black 47, 1916 The Irish Rebellion, Unquiet Graves, and most importantly 1916 Seachtar na Cásca one of the best documentaries I've ever seen.

The THIS Show: Element 18 - 2018 WWE No Mercy

The THIS Show: Element 18 - 2018 WWE No Mercy

February 18, 2020

Don't listen to this

Nubes and Shua went to the WWE No Mercy event in California back in 2018

Don't Listen to this.

The THIS Show Episode 1

The THIS Show Episode 1

January 9, 2020

Here it is Folks! The Completely UnFabled First Episode of The THIS Show. Complete with special Intro from Nubes, Pittboss, and Woosh. 

This Episode was recorded on Sunday January 25th 2015 and lost until January 9th 2020. 

Fair warning, the ending segment of this episode is about what people think was going to happen during the WWE's Royal Rumble event. So you sure really just shut off the podcast right when they mention they'll be talking about that crap. 

The THIS Show Game Of Thrones Special #2

The THIS Show Game Of Thrones Special #2

January 7, 2020

This is our 2nd Game Of Thrones Special! 

1. Thoughts on what exactly the show runners David Benioff and Daniel B. Weiss did for the show.

2. Where will Arya end up after setting sail to the open sea West of Westeros

3. What's up with this theory that magical swords are in the crypt of Winterfell

4. We make up our own Game of Thrones Houses

The THIS Show: Hallowoosh 2019 Part 2, Element #16b

The THIS Show: Hallowoosh 2019 Part 2, Element #16b

January 7, 2020

Hallowoosh Returns from his crazy 2019 Haunted Attraction Tours in our Post Season discussion. Nubes and Woosh talk about all the great things Woosh saw in the New England Haunt Scene during the Autumn season. This Hour and a half show offers small but informal takes on 16 Haunts visited in the New England and New York area.

1. Barrett's Haunted Mansion, Abington MA 

2. Fright Kingdom, Nashua NH

3. Ravenwood Haunted Farm, Haverhill MA

4. Legends of Fear, Shelton CT

5. Haunts for the Homeless, RI-CT

6. Haunted Labyrinth, Cranston RI

7. Fear Town, Seekonk CT

8. Dark Manor, Baltic CT

9. Slaughterland, Binghamton NY

10. Fright Nights, Syracuse NY

11. McCray's Monster Mash, South Hadley MA

12. DementedFX, Holyoke MA

13. The Lost Museum, Salem MA

14. The Ghoullog, North Conway NH

15. Haunted Overload, Lee NH

16. Haunted Grandview Manor, Lebanon ME

The THIS Show: Hallowoosh 2019 Part 1, Element #16

The THIS Show: Hallowoosh 2019 Part 1, Element #16

September 20, 2019

Happy Haunt Season! 

In our 4th installment of the Haunt Tourist and Reviewer "Hallowoosh" we discuss the many destinations on his calendar for the very exciting 2019 Season.

We also discuss a little about the petition to change the date of Halloween this past summer.

And wrap it up with a brief talk about where Hallowoosh feels the industry is going. 

Coming in November 2019: Hallowoosh 2019 Podcast PART 2!

The THIS Show Game Of Thrones Special

The THIS Show Game Of Thrones Special

June 8, 2019


Looking for some guys yelling at each other for 2 and a half hours about a television show? Well YOU'RE IN LUCK!!!

In this special episode we jump in head first with NO DIRECTION into the most talked about show in history, Game of Thrones. Focusing mainly on their final season which wrapped up 2 weeks before the recording of this podcast.

I wish I could tell you there is at least some organization but ... The night is full of terrors, and we are full of shit.

But hey! you might get something out of it. Enjoy!

The THIS Show Saint Patrick’s Day Special

The THIS Show Saint Patrick’s Day Special

March 14, 2019

Beannachtaí na Féile Padraig Ort! Blessing Of Patrick's Festival On You!

In this Amazing Episode, the crew celebrates the history and traditions of one of the greatest nationalities in the world, The Irish! In observance of the now Global Holiday - St. Patrick's Day!

Join us in Song, Drink, Meal, Stories, History, The Craic Flows Wild In what is being called the Best Show this ragtag group of boys has ever produced.

Learn the history of:

St. Patrick - 00:08:47

Sea Shanties - 00:25:28

(Song) The Holy Ground - 00:32:06

Guinness and how its made - 00:40:00

(Song) Wild Rover - 01:00:00

Irish Whiskey - 01:03:30

(Song Whiskey In The Jar) - 1:24:00

Irish Jokes - 01:28:03

Getting Too Drunk - 01:26:00

Leprechauns (kinda) - 01:39:40

The Green Chicago River - 01:44:33

(Song) Black Velvet Band - 02:00:39

(Song) The Irish Rover - 02:05:38


There are plenty of moments when we take a step back from the bottles and pints to dive further into these subjects. So stick around to get some further clarification on these Irish topics in our discussions.

From all of us at The This Show, We wish you a Happy and Safe Saint Patrick's Day! Sláinte!